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Get up to 15% cashback and gifts from the Company!

  • 5%

    if purchases amount totals 30 points (≈ 35 €) within the current month

  • 10%

    if purchases amount totals 50 points (≈ 58 €) within the current month

  • 15%

    if purchases amount totals 100 points (≈ 115 €) within the current month

icon The percentage of cashback is determined each month

Gifts and discounts

  • Promotions

    Weekly offers on top sellers with up to 25% discounts!

  • The Loyalty Club

    For monthly purchases of 50 points or more in 6 consecutive months – our top sellers as a gift!

  • Program participation terms
    1. Program Registration Rules
    1.1. Any person of a majority age can join the Program for the Privileged Clients.
    1.2. The participant shall not have another Registration number in the Company at the time of registration in the Program. If they already have Registration number in the Company, they can participate in the Program using another Registration number only in accordance with clause 4 of the following Terms.
    1.3. To participate in the Program for the Privileged Clients spouses should be registered as a married couple under one Registration number.
    1.4. If the married couple stated the willingness to have different Registration numbers, one of the spouses will be registered as a Privileged Client who joins the Program under the recommendation of their spouse.

    2. Termination of Participation in the Program
    2.1. The Company is entitled to terminate the Program participation of the Privileged Client and delete their Registration number from the Company's database, if the Privileged Client has made no purchases of the products (which have points value) under their Registration number within 4 consecutive months since the registration month. The registration month corresponds to the full calendar month starting from the 1st date.
    2.2. If the purchases were made under the Registration number within the first 4 months since the registration month, the Company makes up the decision to terminate the participation of the Privileged Client in the Program, if within 6 consecutive months he/she has made no purchases of the products with points value under the Registration number. These 6 months also include months without any purchases made by the Consultant who has become a Privileged Client.
    2.3. The notification on termination of the Privileged Client's participation in the Program is sent to the email address indicated during registration.
    2.4. The Privileged Client can state their willingness to terminate participation in the Program by sending the corresponding request to the following email address: The Registration number is deleted the next day after receiving the Client's request or within the period indicated in the request. If the request is canceled before the expiration of the indicated period, the request is considered invalid.
    2.5. If a Privileged Client has more than one Registration number, the latest Registration number will be deleted from the Program database.
    2.6. In terms of the Program participation stopping, bonuses accumulated on the Registration number are annulled upon any of the given conditions.

    3. Status change.
    3.1. The status can be changed in BackOffice and at the Company's Representative Offices.
    To change the status, it is necessary to fulfill the minimum Personal Volume (PV) rate for a Consultant – 200 points and submit a status change application in BackOffice or at the Company's Representative Office within the current month. The next day you'll see a new status in your information report – Consultant!
    In this case, Personal Volume includes only purchases made during the month of application processing.
    Purchases made in the month following the reporting month (including the 1st day) are not included.

    4. The resumption of participation in the Program for the Privileged Clients or Consultant cooperation option.
    4.1. According to clause 2.4, if the Privileged Client terminated their participation in the Privileged Clients' Program, they or their spouse can join the Privileged Clients' Program again or join the Company as a Consultant after 6 months dating from the month when their Registration number was deleted from the Program database.
    4.2. According to clauses 2.1 and 2.2, if the Privileged Client terminated his or her participation in the Program for the Privileged Clients, he/she can join the Program for the Privileged Clients again in accordance with the conditions given in clause 1 of the present Terms, or join the Company as a Consultant at any time. In this case the Registration number will be changed.
    4.3. Upon the resumption of cooperation with the Company bonuses accumulation on the Registration number starts from the zero balance.

    5. The Company may add or amend the Program for Privileged Clients by publishing information on such changes at the Company's website.

    6. All bonuses are credited on the day following the day of purchase. Calculation is made according to Novosibirsk time.

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