for the Clients and Consultants

This document contains the information about your rights connected with the processing of the personal information of the Siberian Health s. r. o., registered at Vojtěšská 8, 110 00, Prague 1, Nové Město, TIN: 01543954.
We recommend you to read carefully the following information. We have tried our best to make the things clear for you. In case there's something what you can’t understand, we will be happy to explain all the words and sentences to you.
1. Who is the administrator of your personal data?
Administrator of the personal data (this is a person who states the aims, methods and takes decisions about your personal data's processing (private information), is
SIBERIAN HEALTH s.r.o. (hereinafter – Administrator)
located at the address Vojtěšská а 8, 110 00, Prague1, Nové Město
TIN: 01543954
Phone: +420 222 523 021
You can also contact us via the appointed person who is responsible for this.
2. How and for which purpose your personal data is being processed?
Personal data of the selling person according to the legal regulations, particularly in accordance with Regulation of the European Parliament and EU Council 2016|679 dated 27 April, 2016. This regulation is about the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of the personal data, free movement of such data and cancellation of the Directive 95/46/ES (General policy on the protection of the personal data named GDPR), by means of corresponding legal regulations.
Your personal data's processing is aimed at following all our rights and your rights, as well as responsibilities in the context of our existing legal relationships.
We process the personal data on the basis of:
  1. Agreement or Treaty concluded with you, with the aim of fulfilling all our obligations according to the following Contract or Agreement;
  2. existing legal conventions (for example, in the sphere of taxation and other spheres) through the legal responsibilities being implemented by us;
  3. our legal interests aimed at protection of the Company's rights and interests for checking the Client's personality and his rights on using our services (scan/copies of the personal papers: identity documents, passport).
We process your personal data within the term of our Contract relations. At the expiration of the term we will save only the personal data which will be needed for exercising our rights and performing of our responsibilities or the data which are required by law.
While processing your personal data there will be no automatic undertaking of decisions and profiling.
We process your personal data by hand and we automatically do it directly through our officers and processors (if needed) (look at the clause 5 which is shown below). The protection of your personal data is provided according to the applied legal system and GDPR.
3. What personal data do we process?
We process the personal data which is a part of the Contract, as well as such data which will be needed for us to fulfill our obligations according to the Subject of Agreement:
  • First name, last name;
  • Signature;
  • Address of the permanent residence, contact number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Mobile phone.
4. How do we protect your personal data?
You can be absolutely sure that we process your personal data attentively and with accordance with the current legislation. We give the maximum protection to your personal data which corresponds to the technical level of the available resources and to the personal data's processing type made by the Administrator. The Administrator has strict regulations to determine which employee or which department has right to access to your personal data and which personal data can be processed according to the Internal regulations of the Administrator. In case your personal data is transferred over the bounds of the Administrator's activities, we will give you the high-level protection of your personal data's safely according to the corresponding legal regulations.
5. How do we transfer your personal data and why?
We do not transfer your personal data over the bounds of the Administrator's activities, with the exception of such cases, as:
  • If you gave your consent to it;
  • the decision id undertaken according to the legal provisions (for example, in case of law enforcement authorities' inquiry);
  • our legal rights allow us to do it (an opportunity to provide the continuous services, its evaluation and improvement in the framework of our business);
  • during the current activity, or an activity connected with it we are given services by the external processors and external brokers.
We also transfer your private data to the countries outside the EU, particularly, to the Russian Federation. The receiver of the personal data in Russia is Siberian Health International LLC (Russia, Novosibirsk). Personal data is protected and processed for this receiver in accordance with GDPR.
Processors of your personal data (apart from the Administrator) are the following organizers:
Limited Liability Company "Siberian Health International" (Novosibirk, Russia).
6. Which rights on your personal data do you have?
Concerning the personal information which are being processed by us, you have the following rights that you can ask from us, as we are acting as the Administrators:
  • right to confirm the processing (or right not to confirm the processing) of your personal data and to confirm the access to the personal data which concern you and which are being processed by us;
  • right to change and to add something to your personal data. in case they are not correct and not full;
  • right on postponing or on restricting the processing of your personal data on condition that the legal norms are being followed;
  • right to make to create a claim about your personal data processing which are connected with you;
  • right to transfer your personal data to the Administrator.
In case we will process your personal data on the basic of your consent, you have right to revoke your consent on the processing of your personal data. You can easily cancel the agreement: send an electronic letter on the topic "Cancellation of the agreement on the personal data's processing" to the address
You can use your rights by sending the written application to the Administrator on contact address or via e-mail of the contact person.
If you think that the processing of your data is not legal, you have write to write a letter of complaint to the supervisory body, i.e, Department for the Protection of Personal Data, located at the address
Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00, Prague 7
TIN: 708 37 627
7. Where can I get more information?
If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, you can contact the responsible person who is SERGEY ERUSHIN.
Address: Vojtěšská 212/8, Prague – Nové město, 110 00
Phone: +420 222 523 021
In future the information about the processing of the personal data can be changed on the basis of legislative requirements or the operational needs. We will do our best to give you the information about any changes, and you will be able to find the actual information on our website
Prague, 24.05.2018
Any more questions?
Should you have any questions concerning service and delivery please, contact call-center or write via email