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Welcome to Siberian Wellness!

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The Company's history remembers a lot of meaningful dates – every year left its trace in the development of Siberian Health. Over two decades we are turning the page and starting a new chapter about the business future.

September 16 is our new benchmark. On this very day we became more than the Company, that creates beauty and health products from the very heart of Siberia. Our opportunities, ambitions and goals have grown, it's time for the brand to grow in tune with them.

Now we are
Siberian Wellness

It's more than just a new name, brighter than a new image. Siberian Wellness is a concept of life, a new view of life and its parts: recreation, income, self-development. It's time to show who we are and help others to see what heights they are capable to reach.

Siberian Wellness is a new name for Siberian Health, and Snow Star is the new official symbol of the global brand.

Tatyana Gorokhovskaya, the President of Siberian Wellness:
– Over the past ten years, Siberian Health has changed not by a hundred – by thousand percent. Every year we were breaking new grounds by adding new products, openning business in new countries and developing new business directions. It's time to take off the old image and get upgraded for business, for the world and for each of our Clients and Consultants.

Yuri Gichev, the Scientific Director of the Siberian Wellness Research and Innovation Center:
– If for most of its history Siberian Health has been actively developing competencies in the field of health promotion and diseases prevention, now we are actively developing new streams. Wellness is not just a physical health, but also sport, appearance, active lifestyle, energy, success...

Nataliya Yeromchik, Marketing Director of Siberian Wellness:
– Our new symbol is a Snow Star. It is both a snowflake and a star. On one hand, it's tough like Siberia itself. On the other hand, it's charming like most Siberian people are. The new corporate style is not only the way to strengthen Company's positions on the global market, but also to make marketing communications more efficient, by demonstrating the image of a strong Siberia to the whole world in a new format.

Changing ourselves, we are
changing the world around us!
Siberian Wellness
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