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FS Essential Vitamins. Diosmin & Rutin, 60 tablets

# 500626     60 tablets    


  • contributes to the proper functioning of the vascular system of lower limbs;
  • facilitates blood circulation and promotes healthy blood vessels;
  • helps relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Rutin helps reduce the fragility of capillaries and increase blood vessels elasticity.

Recommended use

Recommended dosage: adults take 1 tablet a day with a meal. Intake duration – 1 month.


– Individual intolerance to the food supplement ingredients.
– Medical advice is recommended before intake.
– Keep out of reach of children!
– Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
– The product does not replace a diversified diet.
– Not intended for children!
– Not intended for pregnant and lactating women.
– Free from gluten and lactose.

Storage conditions:

Store in a dry place, away from light, at a temperature of no more than 25 °C.

Ingredients In 1 tablet:
Ingredients of 1 tablet (560 mg):
Diosmin 416,7 mg
where diosmin  402 mg
Rutin 100 mg
where rutin 98 mg
Wintergreen sprouts (Chimaphila umbellata) 32 mg
Microcrystalline cellulose (Е460) – filler 5,6 mg
Calcium stearate (E470a) – anticaking agent 2,9 mg
Tablets coating Nutraficient 2,8 mg
where polyvinyl alcohol (E1203) 1,12 mg
where polyethylene glycol (E1521) 0,566 mg
where titanium dioxide (E171) – coloring agent 0,498 mg
where talc (E553b) – anticaking agent 0,414 mg
where iron oxide yellow (Е172) – coloring agent 0,168 mg
where iron oxide black (Е172) – coloring agent 0,034 mg

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    Essential Vitamins Diosmine & Rutin