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Siberian Wellness Bestselling Balsams in Europe: A New Product and The Comeback of A Legend

Music, applause, and joy fill the air as we proudly launch sales of our flagship products – Flex Rub Basic and Spongilla & Comfrey Flex Rub across Europe! 

That's right: Flex Rub Basic is back in stock. 

Flex Rub Basic

Flex Rub Basic.


This natural balsam is perfect for those who work for a long time in one position and are familiar with back, lower back, and joint discomfort. Upon regular use, this natural SOS remedy exhibits a pronounced and long-lasting effect. The CHONDRO-C complex, enriched with the blend of essential oils, botanical extracts and natural regenerating substances, helps maintain good mobility. Organic sulfur and chondroitin accelerate metabolic processes in the skin, soothe and bring relief.

Spongilla & Comfrey Flex Rub

🆕 Spongilla & Comfrey Flex Rub.


This natural rub with herbal extracts helps restore ease of movement and eliminate discomfort. Extracts of comfrey and spongilla, glucosamine and chondroitin reinforce each other's effects. Natural oils of eucalyptus, cloves and menthol relieve tension and provide a pleasant cooling effect.

Both balsams are produced at Dahlia, Serbia's oldest and most revered plant. Moreover, all Siberian Wellness cosmetic products for Europe and Turkey are also produced here. Check out the bottles' cheerful journey to you from the conveyor belts: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6NolzxIu1y/?igsh=c2syczk4aGh2NnZh

Dragana Orlandic, leader of the production unit, affectionately shared with Tatyana Gorokhovskaya, President of Siberian Wellness, about the Dahlia family. Watch the heartwarming interview on YouTube:

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