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My Wellness Story Store: Shop Now!

The developers of My Wellness Story have unveiled a long-awaited update. The game now has a Store, where you can do in-game shopping and purchase the new hard currency – snowflakes. Here we will explain how things work in the Store.

Even if you can't call yourself a shopaholic in your everyday life, in My Wellness Story you'll want to change your old habits. Because every trip to the Store opens up a host of new opportunities in the game!

Keep a close eye on the icon! If you see an exclamation mark, it's time to check out the Store: There are new special offers or even gifts waiting for you!


In the Store, you can earn and spend hard currency – snowflakes. Later on, they will become gifts in in-game Events and Season Passes – something the game developers are already hard at work on!

You can also receive snowflakes when you shop online and offline at the real SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store. Depending on the number of points you have, you will get a certain number of snowflakes in the game, for example: 100 points = 300 snowflakes!

You can also spend and buy coins in the Store – a type of currency you accumulate as you progress through match-three levels. If you do not have enough coins, you will see this window:

There's also a button to go to the Store – very convenient, isn't it?



In this block you will see all the promotions with the biggest discount:

The best offers to invest your snowflakes or coins in the most profitable way possible are here. Revealing the secret: The discounts in this block are always higher than those in Goods of the Day.

Goods of the Day

In this block, you can spend snowflakes and coins on whatever you need right now. Hard level and need boosters or bonuses? Need extra moves or lives, but run out of coins? Visit the Store and buy all you need now! The more coins you buy, the more profitable the purchase.

Goods of the Day is updated every 24 hours. Buy hammers at a discount today and magic wands tomorrow. The only permanent goods are coins: They can always be bought for snowflakes.

Bonus: Every day every player has the chance to get some coins or snowflakes for free. But! One day it's either coins or snowflakes. The timer in the right-hand corner shows hours or minutes until the range is updated. So pop into the Store every day and don't miss out on the gifts!

Information block

This is a tip for you on how to get snowflakes!


We haven't forgotten to update the Golden Ticket either! Now you can buy it for 300 snowflakes.

What's so cool about the Golden Ticket? Its holder can complete the entire Season Pass faster and easier!

Are you ready to plunge into pleasant shopping? Hurry up and visit our Store, stock up on useful goods to tame the unyielding levels and the exciting Season Pass!

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