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Efficiency    Regulation of sugar metabolism     Immune system    Respiratory system    Musculoskeletal system    Visual system    Nervous system    Cardiovascular system    Digestive system    Liver and bile excretion system    Urinary system     For men     For women    For Kids
A compound consisting of natural components for normal metabolism in the female body
Price: €30.59
The Siberian Propolis Elixirs (The Gold Elixir)
An elixir with a highly active propolis emulsion for Improving both mental and physical vitality and health.
Price: €8.74
The Siberian Propolis Elixirs (The Malachite Elixir)
Propolis Herbinfusion Malachite Beautytonic
Price: €8.74
Face care    Body care    Men's collection    For Kids
Intensive care
Price: €7.25
Body Compliment    Experalta    Experalta Platinum    Siberian Rose    Siberian SPA    The Siberian Collection of Balsams    Vitamama BABY
Intensive care
Price: €7.25
Business editions    Materials about products    Paraphernalia
Buy any two Experalta Platinum products and get one of them free!
Buy any two products for body shaping at a discount and get free Cellulite Spot Topical Concentrate!
25% off two packages of Leg Cooling Gel!
Buy 2 hand creams and get 3rd free!
Buy Camellia Sibirica and get "Essentials by Siberian Health. Fireweed and Meadowsweet" herbal tea free!
Buy Siberian Sea-Buckthorn and Rose Hips toothpastes and get Elbeshen Fresh Breath Mouthwash free!
Buy the DS "Trimegavitals. Siberian Linseed Oil and Omega-3 Concentrate" and get Natural Revival Hair Mask free!
Buy one DS from the list and get Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator free!
Buy any 3 products by Experalta Platinum series and get a free beauty bag!
Buy any 4 products by Lymphosan series and get a free shaker bottle!
Buy any two Siberian Rose products and get free Multi Active Facial Cream!
15% off two packages of the DS "Healthy Rhythms"!
30% off shower gels sets
Buy 2 shower gels and get 3rd free!
Buy Cellulite Spot Topical Concentrate and get 50% off Body Shaping Oil!
Buy the DS "SynchroVitals VII" and get the DS "Trimegavitals. Lutein and Zeaxanthin Superconcentrate" free!
Order for €160 via E-shop and get 25% off the DS "SynchroVitals IV"!
Buy any 3 hand creams by Siberian SPA Collection and get free gloves!
Buy any 3 toothpastes and get a free toothbrush!
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In the Siberian Health e-shop you can pay for the placed order by plastic card of any international payment system (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard) using safe 3D-Secure technology.

This service is provided by our partner – GoPay Company.


GoPay is a payment system for quick and safe online payment. In case of using MasterCard, Visa or Visa Electron upon payment, credit card information will be available only to the reliable intermediary - GoPay Company, while other parties (Siberian Health in particular) won't have any access to it. Online payment can be made only if your credit card isn't blocked (please, check this information in your bank).

Online payment requires your plastic card information (card number, three-figure CVV-code, expiration period) and payment amount.
Your order will be prepared immediately after payment confirmation. The confirmation process usually takes several minutes.

When will be monetary funds withdrawn?
The procedure of monetary funds withdrawing, as a rule, is carried out after order receipt in the e-shop or in several hours after it.
What does card number checking means?
MasterCard and Visa card have a three-figure code, which is printed on the back of your credit card directly next to the signature panel. Upon order placing via e-mail, telephone or e-shop this code is additionally checked to verify that a Buyer actually has a credit card, but not a cash document.
MasterCard SecureCode / Verified by Visa
 MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa services make the online purchasing safer. If your bank maintains these protocols, during the payment procedure the additional window, connecting you with your bank, will be opened. Enter your personal password (which is available only to your bank) to identify yourself as a rightful credit card owner. To get information about availability of these services in your bank, consult a bank assistant.

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Order for €160 via E-shop and get 25% off the DS "SynchroVitals IV"!: